I Never Wanted to be an Activist.

I never wanted to stick my neck out, spark controversy, and be a voice for the people. I wanted to stay in the comfort in the worlds I've created and do my part to help these important causes by representing them in my works in order to validate the important diversity that, for some reason, has become controversial. But what choice do I have now?

HB 481, a law that makes it illegal for women to get an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy -- when most women don't know they're pregnant -- has just passed in Georgia to be in effect in 2020. There is still time for other legislation to knock it out, but the Governor of Alabama has just signed a bill to ban abortion, which directly goes against the Supreme Court Case Roe v. Wade and is not only illegal, but a violation of human rights. With this administration in power, so many human rights are being threatened. Our right to love, our right to be judged fairly, our right to safety, our right to health, our right to live, our right to be -- Women, African-Americans, Immigrants, Muslims, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and even the place we all live, Earth, is at risk of being destroyed because the old white men in power don't give two shits because they either feel that things that don't apply to them don't matter or that they have a superiority complex and have to push non straight, white, cis-gendered, American-born males down to stay in control. They feed and grow on our silence because it leaves room for their hateful, unaccepting bigotry, and it's our responsibility as human beings to preserve and restore humanity within our country.

This is no time to stay silent. Our so-called "land of the free" is spiraling down to hell at an exponential rate, and we need to do something about it. This is the time for a revolution, and I will do my best to faithfully and thoughtfully fan the flames of this call to action and inspire more people to do what's right and fight to make positive changes in our country. I hope this blog makes you reflect on what you believe and maybe even broaden your horizons. And if you're thinking right now that this doesn't apply to you, I can't stop you from thinking that. All I can do is warn you that if some of your rights haven't been taken away yet, if we don't all come together to stop this, it's only a matter of time before it happens to you, too.

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