Meet the characters 

Jenny Roan

Lunar Mage

Family Name: Roan             Nationality: ?

Race: Mage        Affinity: Lunar       Age: 22

Hair: thin, blonde     Eyes: pale green     Skin: pale

Pronouns: she/her     Sexuality: straight

Living in: Thadel     Occupation: Handmaid

Employer: Princess Faye

Extra Note: Terrified of fire because of the village attack - even Xavier’s solar fire.

Despite growing up in a powderkeg of magephobia, Jenny has always loved magic, so when she found out she was the Lunar Mage - one of the only two celestial-type mages in existence - at eleven-years-old, she was floored. Though most mages find out their type of affinity magic early in their childhood, Jenny’s adoptive parents found a way to hold back her magic without her ever knowing of its existence until Jenny unleashed it while protecting her two brothers, Ciaran (16) and Evander (6) - during an attack on their village that took their parents’ lives. Having witnessed Jenny’s display of lunar magic, King Arvo of Thadel, whose son is the Solar Mage, invites Jenny and her brothers to stay at the palace so Jenny can be trained to use her magic properly. The siblings agree, but Ciaran has one condition: no one outside of Jenny, Arvo and he himself can know about Jenny’s powers in order to protect the family’s privacy. Arvo and Jenny agree. To keep their cover, Jenny and Ciaran take jobs at the palace. Over the years, especially while Ciaran is fighting in the war with the ogres, Jenny finds it hard to keep her magic secret, tempted by Prince Xavier’s terrifyingly nonchalant way of flaunting his solar magic. This need to be freed from hiding herself in the shadows worsens when, two years after her promotion to be Princess Faye’s handmaiden, Prince Xavier takes a sudden keen interest in Jenny and what he believes is her telekinetic magic. With new developments in the war and at home, Jenny struggles to decide whether to follow the wishes of her family or the natural, tempting instincts of freedom.


First appearance: Love in the Moon, Chapter One

Prince Xavier Mayfair

Solar Mage

Family Name: Mayfair             Nationality: Thadelean

Race: Mage        Affinity: Solar       Age: 24

Hair: black, wavy     Eyes: dark brown     Skin: bronze

Pronouns: he/him     Sexuality: straight

Living in: Thadel     Occupation: Prince/Heir

Employer: His father, Arvo, the king.

Extra Note: Has been wanting to meet the lunar mage since he was little.

As the heir to the throne with an amazing family, one would think that he has it all, but Xavier has always felt like he was missing something, so he throws himself into everything he does. His duties as the prince, planning in the war, looking for the lunar mage. The lunar mage -- the missing part in his life that Xavier suspects is the cause of the emptiness. Ever since Xavier had the means to, he’s been trying to contact people who may have found the lunar mage, but so far, he hasn’t had any luck. Even though his disappointment increases every year, Xavier’s determination only increases if nothing else, but to attempt to fill the void he never imagines could get bigger.


First appearance: Love in the Moon, Chapter Three

Sir Ciaran Roan

Resident Knight in Shining Armor

Family Name: Roan             Nationality: Aquolen

Race: Human       Age: 23

Hair: brown     Eyes: dull green     Skin: peach

Pronouns: he/him     Sexuality: bisexual

Living in: Thadel     Occupation: knight

Employer: King Arvo/General Orion Mayfair-Jolin

Extra Note: Has a lot of tattoos to cover up scars from a kidnapping he wishes he could forget.

The past six years have been hard. Losing his parents in an ogre attack, raising his little brother, and accepting that his adopted sister is not only a mage, the race he was raised to be afraid of, but one of the most powerful mages. Ciaran struggled to trust others until he joined the army, where his comrades and general taught him not only how to trust others but to respect mages as well. Ciaran thrived in the army and grew closer to his commander, Orion, and the two became best friends. In fact, when Ciaran was captured by Golrenth, Orion was the one to save him. Orion has been with Ciaran every step of the way through his healing from PTSD. Ciaran, as a result, is always willing to put his life on the line for Orion… no matter the cost. While they both miss their families dearly, these brothers born from war stick together - afraid to lose both each other and themselves in the midst of the chaos.


First appearance: Love in the Moon, Chapter One

Gawain Delgado

Animalia Mage

Family Name: Delgado             Nationality: Golrenth and Thadelean

Race: Half Mage    Affinity: Animalia (talking to animals)   Age: 24

Hair: Long, choppy red hair     Eyes: Hazel     Skin: pale

Pronouns: he/him     Sexuality: gay

Living in: Thadel     Occupation: Valet/estranged heir to the Providence of South Gvia 

Employer: Prince Xavier

Extra Note: Gawain's mom is homophobic.

Once go-lucky and carefree, Gawain was given in culture shock at 18 when his father, the better of his awful parents, was not only proven to be a Golrenth, but to have organized the attack on Jenny’s village that killed her adopted parents. Almost overnight, Gawain decided he had to make up for his parent’s misgivings and shed his humoring, excitable behavior to become more serious, thoughtful and responsible. With his homophobic mother pleased at his sudden change of heart, Gawain kept his head high, knowing he could turn things around for the Delgados if he kept working hard and stayed in the closet. All was well until a nosy servant overheard Gawain come out to Orion, one of his best friends, and told Lady Delgado, who promptly disowned Gawain. To keep afloat, Gawain accepted Xavier’s offer to be his valet, a position through which he met Jenny and her brother, Evander, whom Gawain promised to try and help. Through them, Gawain learns what a family should be and that a family isn’t just created by blood and nature and romance -- he himself had the power to construct his own with his friends and through them his family, he learns to love himself. 

First appearance: Love in the Moon, Chapter Three

Princess Faye Mayfair-Jolin

Visual Arts Mage

Family Name: Mayfair-Jolin             Nationality: Thadelean

Race: Mage        Affinity: Visual Arts (a talent-based affinity)       Age: 22

Hair: black, wavy     Eyes: dark brown     Skin: bronze

Pronouns: she/her     Sexuality: straight

Living in: Thadel     Occupation: Princess/charity organizer and hostess

Employer: Her mother, Eiza, the queen, whom she organizes charity events with.

Extra Note: Is married to one of her brother’s best friends and is pregnant with his child.

Faye has everything she’s ever wanted. A romantic husband who loves her dearly, a position to help those in need, a close-knit family, a baby on the way. But for some reason, she’s still not satisfied. Maybe it’s the war going on and how her husband, Orion, is never home as a result. Maybe it’s because the charity work she does never feels like it’s enough. Maybe it’s because everyone around her does so much to contribute to the war effort, regardless of what they sacrifice, while Faye sits in the castle, safe and sound. Maybe she’ll never really know, but all she can do in the meantime is organize supplies for the victims of the Golrenth’s plight, wait for her husband to come home, and for her other friends and family members to have spare time to hang out.


First appearance: Love in the Moon, Chapter 2

Lord Orion Jolin

Teleporter Mage

Family Name: Mayfair-Jolin             Nationality: Thadelean

Race: Half-Mage        Affinity: Teleportation       Age: 25

Hair: dark brown     Eyes: dark brown, almost black     Skin: sand-colored

Pronouns: he/him     Sexuality: straight

Living in: Thadel     Occupation: Princess/charity organizer and hostess

Employer: King Arvo

Extra Note: Orion is married to Princess Faye, who is currently pregnant, and he has a twin sister named Kallan.

In most kingdoms, the prince is the heartthrob, but in Thadel, that title belongs to Xavier’s best friend, Orion. Orion has always been nothing but the perfect gentleman made of 100% husband material, easily stealing the hearts of the country, while Xavier steals extra hours in the night to continue his work. It’s hard not to fall for him, even though he only has eyes for his wife, Princess Faye. But no worries, even if you can’t score any romance with Orion, like Faye, his heart is big enough to love you as a friend! AKA, the second-best way to be in his life. He genuinely cares for almost everyone he meets and has a mega hero complex to protect people -- especially his loved ones -- that his wife both adores and is scared shitless as a result of it.


First appearance: Love in the Moon, Chapter Three

Evander Roan

The Loveable Mischief-Maker

Family Name: Roan             Nationality: Aquolen

Race: Human       Age: 12

Hair: brown     Eyes: forest green     Skin: peach

Pronouns: he/him     Sexuality: He's too young to know.

Living in: Thadel     Occupation: pesky younger brother/ sassy stable boy.

Employer: A man Evander only bothers to address as "Master" in a sarcastic voice.

Extra Note: Sees Gawain as another older brother and Faye as a cool aunt.

Although he doesn’t really remember his parents, Evander has never been without love and secretly considers his older siblings to be like his parents. Because he doesn’t mourn as deeply as his siblings, Evander is a normal, playful twelve-year-old trying to find his footing in a time of war. He loves to play harmless pranks on his boss and really only follows rules made by Jenny, Ciaran, and Gawain. He's got a little bit of an attitude problem, but he's a tween, what do you expect? He's trying to figure out who he is, what he wants, and how he fits into the world.  It's a lot of pressure, okay? Anyways, despite his preteenage rebellion, Evander's actually a really sweet kid. He loves his family and friends and is often found helping other servants with their jobs, making something to give to his friends/family members, or tagging along behind Princess Faye as she and Queen Eiza work on their next charity project. He's a busy, extroverted kid, but he always takes time to write letters to send to the front lines for his brother, Ciaran. As you can see, it's hard not to love Evander... even if he once let all the horses out of the stables to run around the courtyard "to exercise."

First appearance: Love in the Moon, Chapter One

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