Love in the moon 

     It's common knowledge that opposites attract. There's something undeniably appealing about the push and pull between East and West, black and white, sun and moon. So it's only natural that wizarding mages with opposite magic affinities are attracted to one another. Jenny and Xavier are no exception. Caught in one another's gravity, Jenny and Xavier, a handmaid and a prince, the lunar and solar mage, meet again and again. Being crowned prince, the entire kingdom knows Xavier is the solar mage, but Jenny prefers the shadows. She keeps her powers secret, only sharing her true identity with her brother Ciaran and her mentor, the king himself. Lost between her fears and the connection she shares with Xavier, Jenny struggles to find what's best for her and her family. As Xavier gets closer to finding out why his magic flares when she's around, he incidentally gets closer to her identity - the identity of his other half. A half he feels he's been missing all his life.

Which Love in the Moon character are you?

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Love in the Moon Playlist, Anyone?

1. "Buzzcut Season" by Lorde

2. "Castle on a Hill" by Ed Sheeran

3. "Brother" by Kodaline

4. "Ribs" by Lorde

5. "South" by Hippo Campus

6. "Mars" by Sleeping At Last

7. "Shelter" by Birdy

8. "Kaleidoscope" by A Great Big World

9. "Someone to Stay" by Vancouver Health Clinic

10. "I'm a Mess" by Ed Sheeran

11. "Stone" by Jaymes Young

12. "Brave" by Riley Pearce

13. "On the Line" by Night Riots

14. "Not About Angels" by Birdy

15. "Only Just Begun" by The Moth and the Flame

16. "Where We Come Alive" by Ruelle

17. "You" by Keaton Henson

18. "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron

19. "Doom Days" by Bastille

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