Kenley and friends 

Because Kenley is only a side character for the first half of the series, her bio is general so it can apply to Caspian and Angela's books despite their drastic differences in time without giving too much away about her books.

Kenley Gale

Queen Bee of any school she's ever been enrolled in. She's a bully and a bitch and she struggles with self-worth because of her dyslexia. Kenley has been babied by her parents all of her life because they feel badly that she has so much trouble reading. Growing up, she was forced to practice reading with whichever parent was home instead of play with her siblings or her friends, and has struggled making connections with other people as a result. Unable to express how lost she is and confused on who she should be, Kenley is severely disconnected from her siblings -- a gap she  has no clue on how to bridge.  




Sorry, but Kenley doesn't have any actual friends right now, so they're Not listed here. Honestly? The closest thing she has to a friend is Auvera, who is the only person who doesn't take her shit.

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