Caspian and friends 

Even though Auvera is the speaker of what I call Caspian's books, these books are still hers because he inspires an important change in her world.



Definition: A

dorky teenage

boy who dares to

call himself a scientist.





Age: 17       Pronouns: he/him   

Sexuality: Straight  Hometown: Washington D.C.

Current Location: Attican, NY

Hair: brown  Eyes: deep blue  Skin: peach

Family: Richard Gale (father), Heather Gale (mother), Angela Gale (24), Kenley Gale (15)

Friends: Auvera Jane, Morris Bertram, Ayanna Greene

Despite having moved to Attican at the beginning of senior year, Caspian is excited to meet new people and start a new, more meaningful life than the one he was living with his shallow friends and teammates back in D.C. On his first day at Attican High, he meets Auvera Jane, a lively yet guarded girl he can't help but be curious about and is determined to befriend her. As he travels on what he dubs his great "scientific expedition," Caspian becomes accustomed to both life in Attican and who he wants to be.

Bonus: He's a tight end for the Attican Eagles.

Main Books: Auvera Jane to a Science, AJTAS Sequel

Side Books: FNF Sequel, Kenley's books



Definition: A

kaleidoscope girl with a past

that shadows her colors 



Age: 17/18       Pronouns: she/her    

Sexuality: Straight  Hometown: Attican, NY

Current Location: Attican, NY

Hair: black   Eyes: gray-green  Skin: bronze

Family: Rajvir Modi Jane (father), Juniper Jane (mother), Soren Nicolosi (close family friend, grandfatherly figure)

Friends: Caspian Gale, Ayanna Greene, Morris Bertram

Auvera's life turned upside down when her mother left: suddenly, she had no mother and a father who now only shows up to push the blame for his wife's disapearance on her, leaving Auvera to her own devices from a young age. The only remaining parental figure in her life is Mr. Nicolosi, an older man who has known Auvera's parents since they were in high school and when he first opened his pizzeria, Lucy's, where Auvera has worked since she was fourteen. Lucy's has been Auvera's refuge in difficult times and it's where she spends most of her free time for the past nine years to avoid being at home. Since the effects of her mother's grand disappearing act set in, not much else has changed in Auvera's life: same friends, same habits, same fear of her father. However, when Caspian, the new kid at school, manages to slip into her life, past all her defenses, and into her inner circle, things start to change -- he brings a light that beats back the dark gloom in her life and makes her hope for a brighter future.

Bonus!: Auvera loves stargazing and cooking.

Main Books: Auvera Jane to a Science, AJTAS Sequel

Side Books: Kenley's Books

Ayanna Greene

(Eye-ah-nah)      (Green)

Definition: the epitome of cool. What else do you need to know?

Age: 18       Pronouns: she/her    

Sexuality: Lesbian   Hometown: Attican, NY

Current Location: Attican, NY

Hair: black   Eyes: dark brown, almost black  Skin: Oak

Family: Stefan Greene (father), Camila Greene (mother), Zion Greene (16), Rashaad Greene (14)

Friends: Auvera Jane, Caspian Gale, Morris Bertram

Down-to-Earth and confident, Ayanna is the "It Girl" of Attican High School. She's got brains, beauty, and a hobby for smacking bullies until they're put in their place. She doesn't care for the attention this brings her, she's just doing her thing, but she does like socializing with the new people she meets along the way in between all of her AP coursework. When she does have time to spare, she gives it to her best friend since elementary school, Auvera Jane, whom she tries to be there for since Mrs. Jane left town. However, Ayanna hasn't been able to "fix" her, something that she used to beat herself up over until recent years when she's accepted that she's just not the right person to help her friend beyond being a constant, and that's okay.


Bonus!: Ayanna's involved in a lot of clubs and takes lots of AP classes, putting her on the track for Valedictorian.

Appears in: Auvera Jane to a Science, AJTAS Sequel

Morris Bertram

(More- iss)     (Burr-t-rum)

Definition: a die-hard journalist trying to come out of zirs shell and be honest about who zie is.

Age: 17/18       Pronouns: ze/zir (gender neutral, grammatically correct)

Sexuality: Pansexual  Hometown: Attican, NY

Current Location: Attican, NY

Hair: dark brown   Eyes: brown  Skin: pale, freckled

Family: John Bertram (father), Kelly Bertram (mother), Troy Bertram (cousin)

Friends: Caspian Gale, Ayanna Greene, Auvera Jane

Morris writes to escape. If ze can focus on things ze can prove on their own without a diagnosis that could risk zir being found out by zirs potentially unaccepting parents, zie doesn't have to worry about zirs parents finding out that ze's nonbinary. Ze's cousin Troy is the only person in the family who knows and holds it over zirs head, threatening to tell ze's parents if zie didn't comply to his every demand. Because Morris doesn't have the courage to stand up to zirs cousin, ze's stuck as Troy's lapdog while being the butt of every joke until Caspian Gale joins the team and starts to stick up for zir. Caspian and Morris quickly become friends, and Caspian helps Morris find more people who accept ze, helping zir start zie's journey of becoming comfortable with zirself and making zir feel more validated than ze's ever felt in zirs whole life.

Bonus!: Morris is a stickler for grammar and that's why zie chooses to use zie/zir instead of they/them.

Appears in: Auvera Jane to a Science, AJTAS Sequel

Kenley Gale

(Ken-lee)          (Gale)

Definition: Teenage diva-queen trying to fit in by putting others down.

Age: 14       Pronouns: she/her    

Sexuality: Straight   Hometown: Washington D.C.

Current Location: Attican, NY

Hair: light brown   Eyes: light blue  Skin: peach

Family: Richard Gale (father), Heather Gale (mother), Angela Gale (24), Caspian Gale (17)

Friends: Shitty.

Kenley doesn't have much of a connection with her older siblings because when she was little, she had a really hard time learning to read with her dyslexia and was forced to spend hours that could've been spent playing outside stuck inside with one of her parents or sometimes her older sister Angela practicing reading, leading Kenley to resent them. However, this also enabled Kenley to get anything else she wanted, and she was spoiled beyond belief. Not only does she believe she can get anything she wants,  but she's a bully to her peers as well, though her family doesn't really know the extent to her degree of mean. No one can really get through to her except her brother's friend Auvera who treats Kenley like a person instead of a bratty little sister, making Kenley want to be the person Auvera believes she can be.

Bonus!: Kenley's relationship with Caspian is closer than her relationship with any of her other family members, but it gets stronger the longer Auvera sticks around.

Main Books: Kenley's books

Side Books: Auvera Jane to a Science, AJTAS Sequel

Troy Bertram

(Tr-oi)        (Burr-T-Rum)

Definition: The guy whose friends will one day question why they were ever friends in the first place.

Age: 18       Pronouns: he/him

Sexuality: Straight... as far as he knows, at least   Hometown: Attican, NY

Current Location: Attican, NY

Hair: claims it's blond, but it's really brown   Eyes: hazel (green and brown)  Skin: spray tanned

Family: Bill Bertram (father), Karen Bertram (mother), Morris Bertram (cousin)

Friends: Brad... Brad... Sorry, Troy doesn't know his one friend's last name.

Beauty queen of only 18

he had some trouble with himself.

He was never there to help people -- he only tried to tear them down.

Kenley thinks she's the biggest bitch to walk in the room but is only a chihuahua in comparison to the great dane diva that is Troy. He's a wannabe human embodiment of Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" with a bad attitude to match, willing to break people down to their lowest level in order to get even the littlest things he wants. He loved taking out his issues on other people, particularly Auvera because they're more similar than he'd like to admit. To hide his insecurity, he orders his cousin Morris around by holding zirs nonbinary identification over zirs head like his slave and tries to make zie as miserable as possible like the great big bad bully he is. Surprise, surprise, no one but the need-to-please and less-than-bright Brad can stand him, though some suck up to him to gain his favor and so hopefully some of his notorious influence will benefit them somehow. A king with a hollow throne, Troy rules Attican High School through his charm and sycophantic ways, but deep down, everyone with a brain knows he's a snake. A damaged snake, but a snake nonetheless.

Angela Gale

(An-gel-ah)       (Gale)

Definition: The only Gale with their shit together.

Age: 24        Pronouns: she/her    

Sexuality: Straight   Hometown: Washington D.C.

Current Location: Attican, NY

Hair: gold-brown   Eyes: pale blue  Skin: peach

Family: Richard Gale (father), Heather Gale (mother), Caspian Gale (17), Kenley Gale (14)

Fiance: Matt Nelson

Angela, while not present in the story by much more than being mentioned, plays an important part in Caspian's life. When she was younger, she was practically Caspian's caretaker, even though she was only ten when she started looking after him while their parents were stuck on the "last new baby high" after Kenley was born while balancing two full-time jobs. Because she was the older, more capable sibling, she was somewhat ignored by her parents, who decided they didn't have to worry about her unless they worried about her starting trouble. This distanced Angela from her parents and turned her focus to giving Caspian her attention when their parents couldn't, not wanting his hard work and good deeds to feel unnoticed, so he didn't feel like he wasn't good enough. However, what she never expected was that in return, she would get the same attention, dedication, and validation from her little brother. They're very close and have not let distance weaken their bond over the years while Angela was in college, making sure to call each other weekly to update one another on everything going on in their lives, even if Angela doesn't talk to any of their other family members regularly.

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